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Concept Products become members of Eurosafe

Friday September 15, 2023

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At Concept Product, we are delighted to become part of Eurosafe, a trading alliance of the top independent suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the UK and Ireland.

We spoke to Andrew Egerton, Commercial Director at Eurosafe, to find out a bit more about how Eurosafe began and why it is such an important, supportive group to be a part of.

A brief history of Eurosafe

Eurosafe was formed as a simple buying group by a few perceptive individuals who could see the benefits of using their combined turnover to deliver an economic advantage. Over 30 years later, Eurosafe members represent the leading independent suppliers of health and safety products across UK and Ireland, with a combined stockholding of more than £31 million.

Recognised as the dominant safety suppliers in their local markets, Eurosafe members have built their reputations by becoming a trusted partner to the wide variety of companies they work with.

What is being a Eurosafe member like?

There are currently 17 members of Eurosafe generating a combined annual turnover of £156 million. If you add everything together, this comprises some 48 warehouses and branches and over 1000 hardworking members of staff. Collectively, this network rely on each other and support each other –the existence of Eurosafe eliminates conflict within the industry and forges positive business relationships.

The companies that make up Eurosafe are SME businesses that are generally family-owned, with a shared drive for commonality: the sharing of business for the benefit of all.

Why become a Eurosafe member?

As part of a trading alliance, all Eurosafe members are equal shareholders and have a voice within the network. Nothing is hidden from fellow members – all buying contracts are visible and openly discussed.

Our Managing Director, Ben Dunevein, is now a part of the Eurosafe board, and will meet three times a year with fellow board members to discuss everything from key challenges to industry trends.

Together, Eurosafe members direct positive change in the PPE industry to ensure high quality products and strong brand awareness. Eurosafe encourage discussions across the group to push advantageous pricing and keep all businesses in the loop on each other’s products and news.

Members pay a monthly fee to be a part of Eurosafe – but the return on investment can be up to as much as six times the membership fee. It’s important to Eurosafe to maximise their members’ commercial return. Fees are fixed for two years, and every member is met annually face-to-face to ensure their needs are being met.

Who can become a Eurosafe member or supplier?

Eurosafe have agreements with 60 suppliers, and value quality over quantity. They onboard suppliers that align with their values – a big emphasis on quality, safety, experience, and equipment that is fit for purpose.

Eurosafe have recently rebranded and are trying to differentiate themselves in the market place. They are actively looking for new members, in some areas of the UK and Ireland.

Ben commented; “We are delighted to join Eurosafe group. I believe that the opportunity to be part of the group gives us market-leading pricing to be able to offer our existing and new customers. Not to mention shared knowledge between the members, and an increased range from the UK’s leading PPE manufacturers that deal with the group.

When we looked at the opportunity to join Eurosafe, it was obvious from the start that there were shared values between the two organisations. The highlight of these were integrity and ambition which we felt from the off in talking to them.

This collaboration will be of huge benefit to our customers and help us develop as a business.”

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